Pailin Group Professional Search Consultants Expert Diversity/Minority Search Division


we always submit a diverse pool of well qualified candidates for our employers review.

The Pailin Group has a superior reputation for consistently providing our clients with a diverse pool of the best-qualified professionals in the marketplace to consider. When other firms declare defeat and offer countless excuses. On each assignment, we are committed to work tirelessly to meet all of our clients requirements especially those with diversity emphasis. In every major market and in every discipline we serve, our consultants have consistently presented a diverse pool of professionals when in most instances our competitors were not able to perform. The truth is most of our competitors may never ever be successful in meeting your key specific diversity requirements. All the while, your organization suffers from a lack of productivity leading to lowered profits. 

We certainly realize that your in-house recruiting staff is highly skilled at fulfilling your organizations standard recruiting needs.  However sometimes the mission calls for a specialist. We will not waste your time or valuable recruiting dollars by serving up excuses. Our reputation and bottom line dictates excellence and we are ready to earn your business and trust by doing what we do best. Finding our clients the most qualified professionals in a moments notice. The Pailin Group consultants will hand deliver the best talent in the marketplace to you as soon as we are engaged. We will not offer cut-rate services to achieve your organizations lofty stated goals. We respect and fully understand as you do, that this type of undertaking requires optimum resources. Our history of successful operations and the meticulous cultivation of non-traditional networks afford our consultants a view of the marketplace that is truly unparalleled. 

When your organization seeks the very best diversified pool of professionals that the market has to offer. Don't settle for excuses or long delays from recruiters that are historically incompetent in diversity recruiting. Engage our consultants today and meet your diversity emphasis recruiting goals immediately. This sensitive work is not just a sideline for us, it's our stated mission. Call today to recruit the best to your organization. Our standards are as high as yours are and have been for more than two decades.