Chief Information Officer

Pailin Group Executive Search Chief Information Officer Location: Danbury, CT (USA)

The Chief Information Officer is responsible for IT projects that both save costs and generate profit for the company, managing everything from the organization’s communication systems to planning for the company’s broader IT direction. The CIO is responsible for every facet of the company’s IT infrastructure and other technology resources, working very closely with other executives and will be directly involved in outlining and achieving the company’s strategic goals. 

The key focus areas of this potion will be:  Strategy and Planning

  • Risk Management

  • Business Process improvement

  • Enterprise Infrastructure

  • Client facing applications

    Key Responsibilities Analyze current technology infrastructure and align it with the business’ strategic plans. Optimize the enterprise processes.

  • Develop and drive a cohesive management information strategy

  • Review the company communication system, including network infrastructure, wide area connectivity, etc.

  • Work closely with project managers to ensure optimum allocation and utilization of technology resources.

  • Ensure that the company’s IT operations adhere to local laws. Coordinate security and compliance with our clients’ needs in mind

  • Ensure the security of the business’ IT assets.

  • Align IT risk management with enterprise-wide risk management.

  • Work closely with other Executives to create strategic plans for the business’ future growth.

  • Work with our customers as part of either the sales or service delivery process

  • Work with business users to develop and implement new technology solutions

  • Establish the IT department’s goals, objectives and programs to align with the Company’s objectives and strategies.

  • Define metrics based on overall business objectives; report performance

  • Coordinate & manage overall technology budget.

  • Lead and recruit technology staff.

  • Maximize the mix of in house versus outsources services.

  • Establish strategic service provider partnerships.

  • Define and adjust IT standards and technologies.

    Professional Skills & Qualifications

  • Minimum ten years of experience in executive level information and/or business roles (VP and/orCIO level)

  • prior global CIO experience is a must

  • significant and demonstrated global leadership experience

  • Experience in strategic planning and execution, knowledge of contracting, negotiating, and change management

  • Knowledge of cloud technology, and digital marketing

  • Experience with implementation of IT integrations in a large division/company.

  • Ability to work with non IT colleagues, build relationships by establishing and maintaining a strong understanding, rapport, bond and trust between individuals.

  • Leadership attributes: visionary, passionate, inspirational, wise, charismatic, confident, influential, risk-taking, encouraging, positive, creative-thinking, goal-setting, helpful, supportive, principled, honourable, fair and open minded.

  • Proficiency in directing and supervising people, projects, resources, budgets, vendors and other business partners.

  • Accomplished team builder, motivator, coach and mentor

  • Strong prioritizing skills, ability to deliver projects on time and budget

  • International/global experience and appreciation of foreign cultures and markets