Postdoctoral Fellow:  Colon Cancer Genetics, Epigenetics and Chemoprevention

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Postdoctoral Fellow:  Colon Cancer Genetics, Epigenetics and Chemoprevention

Postdoctoral positions are available for immediate recruitment for a highly motivated candidates to join a team of researchers in Dallas, TX USA. The laboratory focuses on understanding the interplay between genetic, epigenetic and alterations in noncoding RNAs in gastrointestinal cancers.

This position involves studies surrounding work in the field of epigenetics and noncoding RNA research. More specifically, the projects will involve;

a. Exploration of the role of DNA methylation, histone modifications and non-coding RNAs (miRNA, lncRNAs, snoRNAs etc.) in gastrointestinal cancers.

b. Establishment of innovative methodologies for the development of epigenetic and non-coding RNAs-based biomarkers for the earlier diagnosis, prognosis and predictive responses to chemotherapy in gastrointestinal neoplasia.

c. A better understanding of the translational and clinical role of genetic and epigenetic signatures in gastrointestinal cancers.

An ideal candidate should have a strong background in molecular biology, and relevant experience in cancer genetics and epigenetics. The candidates with prior hands-on experience in NGS-based platforms (Ion Torrent PGM sequencer, MiSeq, HiSeq, RRBS, ChIP-Seq, MeDip and RNASeq etc.), and array-based platforms will be given preference. Knowledge and experience with various bioinformatics and biostatistical analysis tools will be highly preferred. Postdocs are expected to develop projects along their preferred interests and to collaborate with others internally and externally. Postdocs will be highly encouraged to obtain extramural funding as a cornerstone of professional growth.

Minimum Requirements: The candidate should possess the following criteria: 1) PhD, MD/PhD 2) Evidence of first author peer-reviewed publications, 3) Prior molecular and/or cancer biology experience and evidence of project development, 4) Excellent communication and writing skills. Prospective candidates should be highly motivated, enthusiastic about science, with an ability to think creatively and independently.

The position is available for 2-3 years with the potential for extension.

For immediate consideration please forward CV/resume to Debra Hartmann - Group Manager