Practice Administrator

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Practice Administrator

Meridian, MS

The general nature of the duties includes management of the staff and the day-to-day operations of the clinic. This person is responsible to organize, lead, direct and coach the personnel in the clinic and must also be able to perform non-medical duties of the clinic. This person communicates regularly with all Team Leaders in the clinic and promotes cooperation.

Specific Duties:

1. Promote and maintain a positive and professional atmosphere in the clinic and assure the patient needs are met and the clinic operates smoothly.
2. Oversee patient flow, the staff treatment of the patient/family and perform/promote problem solving.
3. Monitor and/or supervise the front office/receptionist procedures and develop good patient/doctor workflow and appropriate appointment scheduling.
4. Communicate and assist the physicians and clinic Medical Director as needed and act as liaison between the staff, physicians and team leaders.
5. Act as Patient Representative and speak with patients about their concerns or questions and communicate insurance, billing and collections issues.
6. Represent CIS as well as the patient in a professional manner.
7. Lead by example through his/her conduct and dedication.
8. Work with the senior management team to develop and support the long range plans and organizational policies.
9. Manage, lead, direct and coach the clinic employees and team leaders for day-to-day efficient clinic operations.
10. Oversee clinic staffing, assure appropriate staff volume, staff competency and professionalism.
11. Perform, arrange and/or assist in the training and instruction of non-medical employees in job duties and compile a written competency or skills checklist for each employee.
12. Work with the Human Resource Director on personnel issues.
13. Communicate equipment needs such as repair, preventative maintenance or request for equipment to the Administrative Services Manager.
14. Manage or direct the inventory of office/medical supplies and review/approve purchase orders.
15. Promote and maintain compliance by assuring proper billing and accounting practices, cooperating with compliance efforts and maintaining a positive attitude toward audits and reviews.
16. Maintain compliance with CIS standards such as practice policies and procedures.
17. Performs other related duties as assigned and serves in whatever other capacity deemed necessary for the successful completion of the mission and goals of CIS and in concordance with its patient philosophy.

1. Experience managing a clinic, department, or specific function of CIS or a comparable medical practice.
2. Experience in developing or implementing successful operations and standards for a medical practice.
3. Experience supervising medical and non-medical personnel in a health care environment.
4. Certification as a Certified Medial Practice Executive preferred.
5. BS, MBA, or MHA degree preferred.

The specific statements shown in each section of this description are not intended to be all-inclusive. They represent typical elements and criteria considered necessary to successfully perform the job.

Must pass a drug screen and background check.

Well qualified professionals please forward resume/CV, cover letter and compensation requirements in complete confidence to the Pailin Group PSC Debra Hartmann, Group Manager