IMM RN Medical Case Manager

Job Locations US-FL-Orlando

Req No 2018-8928 Category Pharmacy Type Regular Full-Time

Collaborative contributions by the IMM MEDICAL CASE MANAGER is essential to our success including working with various departments within Pharmacy as well as other divisions, our patients and partners. The skills discussed below are representative of the knowledge, experience and abilities that lead to our success together.

The IMM MEDICAL CASE MANAGER contributes to the mission by presenting a friendly smile, a helpful voice, and attitude, to patients, clients and customers seeking services and information, in addition, filing grievances or complaints.

Working as a productive partner with the Bureau Chiefs, Regional Directors, Pharmacist In-Charge, and Non-Organizational Providers and Organizational Pharmacy IMM Teams, are contributions that are absolutely necessary for the success of the region.

Ensuring that the various teams in the sites assigned to this position are providing a high level of clinical skills and knowledge in caring for our patients that helps our patients live a sustainable quality of life as well as helping our patients be productive in society with improved health, contributes to the success of AHF and our mission, as well as, contributes to society in general.

The IMM MEDICAL CASE MANAGER can enhance the experience of other Organizational Pharmacy employees by providing training in all aspects of Pharmacy IMM policy and procedures and exceptional customer service. Providing a friendly helping hand when they need it as well as giving feedback to the team about how service could be improved will allow the team member to enhance their contribution.

The IMM MEDICAL CASE MANAGER adds consistent value to the Pharmacy Team by adapting to various situations with ease and by being flexible and mentoring team members in all aspects of the Pharmacy’s mission, core values, customer service creed and management philosophy. Helping the pharmacies in their Region meeting organizational goals for Client Satisfaction, Censes growth, Retention of patients in care, various financials and metrics are all important contributions.

In addition helping sites meet compliance and regulatory requires of various governmental agencies and insurance plans. Working with the sites on improving performance in areas of workflow, staffing, personnel management and accreditation.


A IMM MEDICAL CASE MANAGER’s superior telephone communication skills, interpersonal skills, customer friendly attitude, motivation to provide outstanding customer service, proactively assisting team members solve various issues and problems related to providing services to patients, are the essence of your contribution to our Mission.

An IMM MEDICAL CASE MANAGER’s understanding of HIPA and Standards for confidentiality, client anonymity, along with the Pharmacy Compliance policy and procedures, assures our patients and clients that Pharmacy are trusted partners in their overall care and quality of life.

Maintaining a neat and clean personal appearance, assisting with the training of others in the workflow, overall services and best practices of the Organization & Organizational Pharmacy contributes to an efficient and error free work environment Additional contributions such as assisting in the development and implementation of new systems and procedures, becoming “HIV Knowledgeable”, becoming cross trained in all aspects of the IMM process and accepting assignments on a rotating basis, are all important contributions to our success.

Performing as a supervisor in the temporary absence of the Clinical Hub Manager, is essential in maintaining a consistent level of service expected by our patients and the success of the operation of the pharmacy.

Assisting in providing “gold standard” customer service, becoming certified when appropriate, based on contracts, grants, Memorandum of Understanding agreements or any other Ryan White or Accreditation Standards, related to training, contributes to the growth of the Organization. In addition, enrollment of new patients into service and the retention of patients in care, as well as being aware of competitor’s, their services, and effectiveness in the market place are contributions that are at the core of our success.

Contributing to the success of patients and clients with the improvement of their quality of life by participating in various programs and services that enhance our patients’ adherence to therapy and treatment, communication with providers and referral sources.

Becoming familiar with all aspects of the mission, core values and scope of services, participating in community activities of the organization, the Pharmacy, Affiliates, Affinity Groups and Departments contributes by promoting the mission and the spirit of “giving back” to the communities we service.


The Pharmacy IMM Medical Case Manager (MCM) must have at least three (3) years MCM experience or equivalent, an RN degree from an accredited College or University, and be licenses in the State employed by AHF. The Medical Case Manager (MCM) blends the mission with Medical Case Management, utilizing their experience, skills and education together with a thorough understanding of the Pharmacy Integrated Medication Management (IMM) Program within their specific area. With a caring and knowledgeable focus, you will work with Non providers and healthcare center team so that every Pharmacy patient receives the support they require and access to available resources. This will include providing education and assistance so that eligibility for the program is understood. Working directly within the Healthcare Center, you will meet with patients and complete Health Risk/Needs Assessments, develop Service/Action/Care Plans, and provide ongoing education to patients so that they understand their diagnoses and their medications. For IMM enrolled patients, assessing combine psychosocial needs within Medical Case Management, you will understand mental health needs and basic needs such as housing, food, and clothing and develop relationships with programs and agencies serving those needs and facilitate referrals, support and assistance for your patients who lack those services.

By utilizing your case management experience, you will meet our patients where they are, identify strengths and opportunities for growth and assist them with realistic goal setting. With your skills of collaboration and engagement, you will bring the essence of the Ryan White Care Act - the safety net for the uninsured HIV/AIDS patients - to our most vulnerable population. By establishing Health Risk/Needs Assessments, Action/Service/Care Plans, referrals and support, your work will directly contribute to the success in meeting the deliverables of our IMM program. Beyond the scope of the program, your work contributes measures established by the HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB) Measures and the Department of Health and Human Services.

The MCM is often the liaison between provider, pharmacist and patient and is able to facilitate the shift from leaving the exam room to implementing the optimum plan of care and putting it into action. Providing brief interventions focused on a long term achievable goal, the patient and the MCM work together each step of the way towards viral suppression, better health outcomes and quality of life.


Collaboration with colleagues and team members provides excellent opportunities to make contributions to the success of the organization by sharing ideas, learning from others, training and networking. Attending various internal and external meetings that may be assigned, conferences, training, organizational, and community events are all ways you can grow and provide value added contributions to the organization.


Adhering to safety measures and following guidelines for various activities such as the amount of time you may be standing, walking, sitting, use of hands to finger, to handle or feel, reaching with hands and arms, climb or balance, stooping, kneeling, crouching or crawling, are all activates that you will encounter throughout your normal day and vary from under 1/3rd to over 2/3rds of your daily activities Lifting and/or carrying items of 25 pounds or less ensures you do not cause physical harm to yourself and cause accidents that may contribute negative results in your wellbeing.

By contributing to a safe and efficient workplace, this helps maintain a consistent level of services to our patients, team members and partners. Maintaining a neat and clean work area, answering phones timely, providing unscheduled services when needed, maintaining preventive services to equipment as scheduled, taking rest breaks and lunches as scheduled, and adhering to travel schedules are all important contributions to the success of the organization and mission.


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